Monday, May 16, 2011

Wow, I suck....

...with this whole blogging thing. And being that I've had the last four weeks off from school, I've realized that even with my evenings free from studying, getting on the computer is the last thing I feel like doing. I started my practicum today, so in 4 weeks I will be done! Yahooo! The unit I'm doing my practicum on (Pediatric Day Surgery) has a full time position open so I've got my fingers crossed that they'll soon realize what a keeper I am ;) Other than having to get up at 4am and out the door with Yonas at 5am, it was a really good shift. Busy and interesting and fun and challenging. But yeah, let me say when I was setting my coffee maker last night to start this morning at 3:55am, I wanted to cry.
Anyway, here's a recap of the last few weeks with some pics.

Yonas setting up the chairs for a talent show...not sure who was putting on the talent show?!?!

Decorating Easter eggs!

We had a visit from some very special friends and enjoyed some fun playing on Yonas' birthday present ;) (which has been the best investment ever for him....non-stop entertainment!)

We had a little birthday party with our SK friends.

Thumbs up to the cool birthday party hat!

Bedtime snack while watching a movie.

Nice weather finally arrived and Yonas had his first water fight through the fence with the neighbor boy!

We ventured out again this year to Jurassic Forest which Yonas loved even more than last year...until he thought one of the dinosaurs was coming to eat his snack!

Well, there we go....a quick catch up of what's been going on in our lives. No promises on when the next post is coming but hopefully it'll start being more often than once a month. What happend to the days when I was posting almost every day??? Oh yeah, I became a mommy :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm "That" Blogger :(

Yep, the type of blogger that I used to despise is now me. I can't even remember the last time I read anyone's blog let alone posted on my own. Tsk tsk. I'm hoping to get back on track now. I finished school on Friday (2 months early, yahoo) and just have my practicum left which starts May 9th. And then fingers crossed, I will find a job soon thereafter! I'm already daydreaming of my first paycheck! Yoyo is doing awesome! Omg, he's almost 3!!! Crazy how fast this last year flew by! We just finished swimming lessons, which let me say went WAY better than the first time back in S' ripping off my top, thank heavens! He started Canskate lessons a couple weeks ago and it's not going so well. The kid can skate REALLY well for his age but for these lessons parents aren't allowed on the ice and so he cries the whole time....strange rink, strange people, and maybe just a wee bit of a momma's boy ;) His academic skills are coming along, slowly but surely. He can count to 12 (as long as you don't ask him to), knows most of colors (once again, as long as you aren't asking him), and can almost sing his abc's. So maybe not where he should be, but excels in other areas so I'm not worried. And, the kid is finally watching tv! Yay for me! Well he still won't sit and watch tv but he will watch a few choice movies (Shrek, Monsters, and Up only). And although I don't want him to start loking it too much, it is soooo helpful when I'm trying to make supper or whatever and it's awesome for getting in some snuggle time with my little man! Now I'm off to catch up on some of your blogs...I'll post again soon with some pictures!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 Years Ago....

Yep, we celebrated our second "gotcha day" on Tuesday! It truly is amazing how fast time flies when these wee ones come home! A lot has happened in the last two years and we've gone through a lot of changes but life is good and not a day goes by that I don't think how lucky I am to have this incredible little boy for my son!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hockey, Snow, Hockey, Snow, Repeat

My life for the last few weeks has been about nothing other than hockey and snow when I'm not in school. We got seriously dumped on. A record amount of snow since 1976...that's a lot of fricking snow. Which means a lot of fricking shoveling. And since Craig works out of town and was oh so conveniently gone while all this was happening, all that shoveling fell into my hands...literally. Every day for what seemed like forever, I was shoveling three times a day. The snow is now piled much higher than my head so if/when it snows again, I'm hooped.

Yoyo's hockey rink in the backyard is no more. I don't even know where it is anymore. Sighhh.

After I pick up Yoyo at the end of the day, we come home and I make dinner while he plays hockey...EVERY day until bedtime. Usually he strips down completely naked and wears nothing but boots, hockey gloves, and his helmet. The pictures below he is thankfully fully clothed ;) This kid is seriously hockey obsessed!

On occasion, while we were getting dumped on with all that snow, I would go out and shovel while Yoyo would stay inside (playing hockey of course). Every few minutes I'd poke my head in and make sure all was good...and it always was. Well, until this particular day when I opened the door and saw white powder all the way down the hall, into the kitchen, and around the island. That sweet child of mine had dumped icing sugar throughout the house to make himself a "hockey rink". I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I went back outside to shovel. I mean, really, at this point, how much worse can it get? He was having a blast playing hockey on his "rink" and the dogs were putting themselves into a diabetic shock licking the floors. It took 3 days of vacuuming and washing floors before I got all that crap out.

It's days like these when I selfishly wish I could plunk my kid in front of tv for the few moments when I need to get something done.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ringing in the new year has brought with it some reminiscing. I was going through all our pictures, organizing and sorting them, and saving them on a backup. Wow, going through photos of my first meeting with Yonas, of our time in Ethiopia, of our airport arrival, of his baby days, brought back a flood of emotions. I wish I could go back to those days...just for a moment or two. They go by so fast.
This was our first month shy of 2 years ago.

It makes me want to adopt again really really really bad. And although I can't compare it to having a biological child, I truly do think it is absolutely the most amazing experience. I'm not saying I love Yonas more than someone loves their bio child but when you wait so long and work so hard for something, going through so many ups and downs, I think you appreciate it more. I'm not sure what the future holds but I do know I want at least one more child but how that will happen, or even if that will happen remains to be seen.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! This month has been a little insane, hence my lack of posts. I have so much to write about but I'll try and catch up later and just keep this post mostly Christmas related. December was a doozy of a month. So busy with trying to get ready for the season tied in with exams, and me getting a nasty stomach flu for a week (my first time being sick and being a mommy at the same time, and wow, when I was pretty much the only one to take care of Yoyo it was NOT about feeling a lot of guilt, especially when he hauls up a 4 litre jug of chocolate milk and a cup to my room upstairs and asks me if he can "pwease hab a little drink?"). But we both survived.
So, onto Christmas....let me say what a FUN age Yonas was this year. He was so excited about everything, from the lights, to the tree, to the decorations, to Santa. We took him to see Santa, and just like last year, he was excited until we got close to him, so once again it was a family picture with Santa and one unhappy looking child!

Yonas thought decorating the tree was fun for about 2 seconds. After the first couple of ornaments, he just wanted to play with the decorations instead of actually putting them on the tree.

The final result.

The weekend before Christmas we made a quick trip to Toon town to do a little celebrating with my family. 10 hours of driving for about 18 hours of visiting, but it was worth it.
Yonas opening up his first Christmas present of the year!

On the 23rd we went over to some friends for a little festive celebration and all Yonas wanted to do was hold the baby :) He's been asking for a baby sister lately?!?!?!

And on the 24th we went to Mama Leslie's for for celebrating!

And he found a new game he loves...pool.

When we got home that night we put out cookies and milk for Santa, which Yonas helped himself to a few bites... hope Santa didn't mind ;)

And finally Christmas morning arrived! He was super excited to see that Santa had arrived! But after about the 3rd present he wasn't too excited about opening them anymore so we were bribing him with smarties!

His dinosaur piggy bank.

Two of his favourite gifts were his new skates and hockey gloves. Those gloves stayed on for the rest of the morning...which made opening presents a little difficult!

He wouldn't take them off!

The only thing he had asked Santa for was an air hockey table, and lo and behold, Santa did not disappoint!

So now things are finally settling down! We went to an Oil Kings hockey game tonight and Yonas was in heaven! Well, until the mascot Louie the Lion came over to say hi. He was obsessed with the goalies and was talking about how he wants to be a goalie. Ugh, I thought just having him in hockey was going to be expensive, but if he wants to be a goalie, I'm gonna need to win the lottery to be able to pay for it.
There's so much more to write about but I'll have to save it for some future posts. Hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Year Later It's Still His Favourite Song!

He's still got the same good ol' moves, just maybe a little more perfected ;) And yeah, probably poor parenting to let him dance on the toilet...possibly a little on the dangerous side.